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Rations ~ UK Operational Ration Pack Index

UK 24-hour Operational Ration Pack (boxed) with Single Meal Ration (bagged) on top [©BM]
Our UK Operational Ration Pack coverage has now reached the stage where a separate Index is probably required before I add any further articles, writes Bob Morrison.


As the US MRE Index uploaded just before Christmas (see Rations ~ US Meal Ready to Eat Story) appears to have been both popular and useful to viewers of our Rations section I am following the same format for their British equivalents, both 24-hour and Single Meal.

To view a specific topic just click on the relevant image below and the article should, presuming I have properly constructed this page, open for you in a new window. I plan to update the page whenever I pen a new feature on UK Rations.

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[images © Bob Morrison]

FR09. 24-Hour ORP ~ UK Rations c.2001 – Pt.1 [image © BM]

FR09. 24-Hour ORP ~ UK Rations c.2001 – Pt.2 [©BM]

FR10. 12-Hour ORP ~ UK Rations 2011 [© BM]

FR11. UK 24-Hour MCR ~ Multi Climate Ration [© BM]

FR12. CCR 2012 ~ UK Cold Climate Ration [image © Carl Schulze]

FR13. ORP 2012 ~ UK 24-hour Operational Ration Pack [© BM]

FR14. ORP 2015 ~ UK 24-hour Halal ORP [© BM]

FR15. ORP 2015 ~ UK 24-hour Sikh Hindu [© BM]

FR16. ORP 2014 ~ UK 24-hour Kosher ORP [© BM]

FR17. ORP 2017 ~ UK 24-hour Ration Pack [©BM]

FR18. SMRP 2018 ~ UK 8-hour Single Meal Ration [©BM]

FR19. UK 10-Man Ration Pack [©BM]

Feeding The 5000 ~ With 10-Man Ration Packs [©BM]

FR46 ~ Bagged Halal UK 24-hour Operational Ration Pack [©BM]

FR47 ~ Bagged UK 24-hour Enhanced Ration Pack

Watch this space for more UK Rations articles!

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