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NATO Troops on Gotland for BALTOPS 2024

BALTOPS 2024 [© NATO Multimedia]

For the first time since becoming a full NATO Ally, Sweden has hosted NATO troops for the annual maritime Exercise BALTOPS 2024 on Gotland.


NATO’s newest member, Sweden, has been hosting US Marines and Polish soldiers for exercise Baltic Operations (BALTOPS) 2024.

The mainly maritime-focused exercise takes place every year in the Baltic region. This part of the exercise took place on land on the Swedish archipelago of Gotland. Overall, more than 20 NATO Allies, including 50 ships and dozens of aircraft, participated in BALTOPS. This year was particularly notable as it marked Sweden’s first participation as a full NATO member.

BALTOPS allows Allies to practise collective deterrence and defence at sea. The Baltic Sea region is crucial to protect because of its trade and energy routes. The exercise is led by US Naval Forces Europe-Africa and the US Sixth Fleet. Command and control is carried out by Naval Striking and Support Forces NATO (STRIKFORNATO).

This NATO Multimedia footage, filmed mid-June and released today, includes shots of Swedish and Polish soldiers and US Marines exercising with Swedish combat vehicles (CV90s). The soundbite is from Colonel Dan Rasmussen, Commander of the Swedish Gotland Regiment.

BALTOPS 2024 [© NATO Multimedia]

Shot list:-

  • 00:00 ~ Gotland flag flying from a Swedish CV90 combat vehicle as it drives across exercise ground
  • 00:12 ~ Swedish CV90 firing
  • 00:23 ~ Swedish CV90s driving across exercise ground
  • 00:44 ~ Swedish soldiers running across exercise ground
  • 00:56 ~ Swedish CV90 driving across exercise ground
  • 01:02 ~ Swedish soldiers applying camo paint to face, Gotland flag flying
  • 01:23 ~ Swedish CV90 firing and driving across exercise ground
  • 01:54 ~ Swedish CV90 crew meeting and talking with US Marines
  • 02:16 ~ Family photo Swedish soldiers and US Marines
  • 02:26 ~ US Marines and snipers in woods
  • 02:47 ~ US Marines and snipers walking up a dirt track
  • 02:55 ~ Female US Marine’s face
  • 03:06 ~ US Marines running across exercise ground
  • 03:25 ~ US Marines exercising in the woods and long grass
  • 03:46 ~ US Marines running along a dirt track
  • 03:57 ~ Swedish Marines stood talking
  • 04:00 ~ Polish soldiers handling artillery rounds and bullets
  • 04:21 ~ Polish soldiers stood around talking
  • 04:26 ~ Polish soldier running
  • 04:31 ~ Polish soldier by tree, weapon ready
  • 04:41 ~ Swedish CV90 driving across exercise ground
  • 04:50 ~ Swedish soldiers in the long grass, CV90 firing in the background
  • 05:05 ~ Soundbite: Colonel Dan Rasmussen.


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