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Craghoppers Lady Adflex Eco Trail Shoes

Over the rocky conditions on the Falklands the Adflex Eco Trail Shoes from Craghoppers proved to be supportive and protective [© MG]

The Lady Adflex Eco Trail Shoes from Craghoppers are multipurpose breathable and durable footwear for the traveller, writes Mike Gormley.


These trail shoes were another choice for our Southern hemisphere expedition, but this time it was Jean’s turn for new footwear.

Now with a lot of miles on the clock Jean’s Adflex Eco Trail Shoes still look good for many more [© MG]

We had to choose multipurpose gear as we were both space and weight limited. Footwear of course is quite bulky and can be heavy. We needed our footwear to be truly multi-use as well as durable and able to take on many of our varied activities. Jean needed water resistant and tough with good gripping soles for both walks and wet decks which would also be comfortable. The Lady Adflex model fitted the bill.

On the cold wet deck of the ship in the Antarctic the Adflex Eco shoes were ideal [© MG]

You will note Eco is in the name. Craghoppers are right out there on the use of recycled materials, and these take it further. This not only involves the now quite usual re-used and re-purposed materials but also incorporates BLOOM technology. BLOOM Sustainable Materials transform waste bio-materials, like excess algae, into renewable materials that reduce negative impacts of fossil-fuel based materials found in footwear and other consumer products. Also even the laces are recycled.

In the very varied situations we found ourselves in these shoes performed well and safely [© MG]

Add to this AQUADRY to help keep your feet dry and comfortable in the wet conditions and we have a lot going on in these shoes. The uppers are made from sturdy full grain leather and well protected where they need to be with rubberised toe and heel. Additionally the easy to use lacing system and shock absorbing sole all add to the overall wearability of these shoes.

Looking for the penguins on the Falkland Islands we had to get around on rocks and sand as well as on boats and jetties so good footwear was essential [© MG]

Lady Adflex Eco Trail Shoes are available in sizes UK3 to UK8 and in Blue Navy / Autumn Mist, as here, or Silver Cloud / Calico.

[images © Mike Gormley]


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