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STDE24 ~ Exercise GRAND QUADRIGA 2024


Exercise GRAND QUADRIGA 2024 with NATO Allies, the final phase of STEADFAST DEFENDER 2024, wraps up in Lithuania.


Exercise GRAND QUADRIGA 2024 (QUAD24), a German-led military exercise in Lithuania with the participation of troops from France, Lithuania and the Netherlands, aims to strengthen NATO’s deterrence and defence posture. The goal is to improve command and control, readiness and quick-response capabilities.

This exercise is part of the large-scale NATO exercise STEADFAST DEFENDER 2024 (STDE24), the largest NATO exercise in decades. Involving 90,000 troops from all 32 NATO Allies, it demonstrates NATO’s ability to defend every inch of its territory, and the commitment by NATO Allies to protecting each other from any threats.

QUAD24 and other exercises are defensive and not targeted at any specific country but serve as a demonstration of preparedness against potential aggression.

Footage Courtesy of NATO JFCBS

This NATO footage, filmed 29th May and released 31st, includes various shots of Dutch, German and Lithuanian soldiers and armoured vehicles training on the field, as well as German Tiger attack helicopters participating in joint drills. Footage also includes soundbites from Dutch, German and Lithuanian officers.

Shot list:-

  • 00:00 ~ German armoured infantry battalion planning for the exercise
  • 00:05 ~ German armoured infantry battalion moving through the field
  • 00:28 ~ Dutch infantry soldiers and combat vehicles taking positions on the field
  • 00:42 ~ German Keiler mine flail vehicle in action
  • 00:54 ~ THeMIS autonomous driving vehicles in action
  • 01:08 ~ Soldiers from German attack helicopter airborne
  • 01:17 ~ German Tiger attack helicopter regiment 36, getting ready to fly the tiger attack helicopter
  • 01:44 ~ German Tiger attack helicopter airborne
  • 02:41 ~ Dutch infantry soldiers and combat vehicles conduct live fire exercise
  • 02:56 ~ German Leopard tanks and Lithuanian armoured vehicle training together on the field
  • 04:25 ~ German infantry soldiers and combat vehicles training together on the field
  • 04:45 ~ German Tiger attack helicopter airborne
  • 04:50 ~ Soundbite: Lt Col Rutger Saathof, Commander of the 42e Pantserinfanteriebataljon Limburgse Jagers, Royal Netherlands Army.
  • 05:00 ~ Soundbite: Lt Col Rutger Saathof
  • 05:06 ~ Soundbite: Lieutenant Colonel Neimontas – Lithuanian staff officer, Lithuanian Armed Forces.
  • 05:15 ~ Soundbite: Colonel Axel Hardt – Brigade commander of the 12 Armoured Brigade, German Armed Forces.


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