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ELT Group Participate at Eurosatory

ADRIAN [© ELT Group]

ELT Group participates at Eurosatory 2024 international event for Defence and Security, with a focus on applications in the terrestrial domain.


Press Release, Paris, 18 June 2024: ELT Group participates at Eurosatory 2024, which takes place in Paris from 17 to 21 June, an international event for Defence and Security, with a particular focus on applications in the terrestrial domain. The event will be an opportunity to present ELT Group’s latest technological and capacitive developments for applications in the terrestrial domain.

Thanks to its 70 years of experience in the dominance of electromagnetic spectrum in all operational domains (air, naval, land, cyber and space), ELT Group proposes the latest generation of capabilities in the land domain that can guarantee tactical superiority, strategic autonomy and interoperability to the operator, basing these capabilities on new digital processes, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.

For example, the multi-domain, multi-layer Cyber Electro-Magnetic Activities (CEMA) capability protects networks and operational assets from cyber attacks through coordinated monitoring, early warning and immediate resolution, through high synergy between radio frequency and cyber capabilities.

In the area of countering mini-micro and small drones, the ADRIAN (Anti-Drone Interception Acquisition Neutralisation) system is a counter-UAV solution capable of intercepting and neutralising LSS (Low-Small-Slow) UAVs in different scenarios and environments, including urban ones. ADRIAN is based on multi-spectral sensors (radar, EO/IR, acoustic and radio link interceptors) that perform data fusion for threat detection and identification. The ‘Cyber RF’ functionality, a complement to the ‘jamming’, ‘radar’ and ‘visual’ modules, has been implemented, making the product capable of effectively detecting and reacting to new and more complex operational scenarios, both military and civil, threatened by new-generation malicious drones.

ADRIAN’s architecture is modular so that it can be adapted to multiple operational requirements and their continuous evolution. The family includes versions for fixed and transportable use, moving configurations and ship integration. A modern and intuitive command and control, powered by artificial intelligence-based algorithms for data fusion and image analysis, functionally integrates multi-spectral sensors/effectors.  

TEWS (Tactical EW Solution) is a capability enabled by both Electronic Warfare and Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) capabilities composed of networked integrated mobile tactical platforms to simultaneously achieve total protection of the infrastructure and the acquisition of intelligence data to increase the Situational Awareness.

ELT stand at Eurosatory [© ELT Group]


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