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Rations ~ US Meal Ready to Eat Story

US Army MREs packed in 1987 and 1992 [©BM]

Over the last twelve months, almost to the day, we have published a series of eleven features on the US Army Meal Ready to Eat or MRE story, writes Bob Morrison.


Articles in this mini-series appear to be quite popular, as every time we upload one we see a marked spike in viewing statistics, so to try to bring everything together on one page for easier reading we have decided to create this Index Page. If I have built this page properly, clicking on the photos below should take you staight through to the relevant article.

Please note that technically some of the US ration packs featured here are not categorised as MREs, but as they follow pretty much the same concept we have bundled them together. I plan to update this page if/when I am able to pen further articles.

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Field Rations 20 ~ US MRE Part 1 – 1992

Field Rations 21 ~ US MRE Part 2 – Djibouti, 2008

Field Rations 22 ~ US MRE Part 3 ~ Meal Cold Weather packed 2004

Field Rations 23 ~ US MRE Part 4 ~ Humanitarian Daily Ration, 2010

Field Rations 25 ~ US MRE Part 5 ~ Food Packet Long Range Patrol, 2012

US MRE Part 6 – image from Op HELMAND SPIDER in 2010

Field Rations 27 ~ US MRE Part 7 ~ XXXIV Batch

Field Rations 28 ~ US MRE Part 8 ~ XXXVII Batch

FR41 ~ US MRE Part 9 ~ XXXVII Batch Update

FR42 ~ US MRE Part 10 ~ XXXVIII Batch

FR43 ~ US MRE Part 11 ~ XXXIX Batch

FR44 ~ US Meal Religious Ready-To-Eat Halal

FR60 ~ US MRE Part 12 ~ More XXXIX Batch

FR66 ~ US MRE Part 14 ~ Year 40 XL Batch


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