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Babcock Medium Wheelbase General Logistics Vehicle

Babcock Medium Wheelbase GLV at Eurosatory 2024 [© Carl Schulze]

Babcock took the wraps off its new medium wheelbase variant of the General Logistics Vehicle (GLV) at Eurosatory in mid-June.


In a revised press release on the topic, issued on the second day of Eurosatory 2024, Babcock gave some details of the second variant of its GLV based on the Toyota Land Cruiser 79-Series which the company is believed to be offering to UK MoD as a potential Land Rover Defender ‘Wolf’ replacement. This medium wheelbase GLV variant is based on the 4th Facelift Land Cruiser model developed earlier this decade primarily for the Australian civil market; even though the 70 Series / J70 Land Cruiser has been widely used in conflicts around the globe since its launch in 1984, Toyota itself does not actually produce military vehicles. Babcock’s Eurosatory release follows:-

“Babcock has taken the wraps off its new medium wheelbase variant of the General Logistics Vehicle (GLV) at Eurosatory. With reliability at its core, ensuring higher availability of critical assets, the medium wheelbase variant joins its long wheelbase sibling as the second member of the growing GLV family of vehicles, designed and delivered by Babcock.

Babcock Medium Wheelbase GLV at Eurosatory 2024 [© Carl Schulze]

“Under the bonnet is a 2.8-litre engine achieving 200bhp and 370lb/ft of torque which, married to a six-speed, automatic gearbox with high and low range transfer provides the GLV with formidable, affordable off-road capability. With a 39-degree approach angle, 276 mm ground clearance, a wading depth up to 1.8 metres and boasting a class-leading 12.6 metre turning circle, it is deployable in all terrains across the globe. This medium wheelbase GLV is set to attract similar levels of interest to the long wheelbase variant, unveiled at last year’s DSEI, thanks to its ability to deliver a range of roles and requirements for the military.

“The four individual crew seats and storage capacity for a four-person team to comfortably stow what is required for a 72-hour patrol, will ensure that crew degradation is minimised over long journeys. These adaptations make it the perfect command and control vehicle or small team patrol vehicle.

“The GLV family is built around the iconic Toyota Land Cruiser 70 series platform and combines Toyota’s 70-year heritage in off-road cars with our rich engineering history of developing bespoke and formidable vehicles for military and security customers. It can fulfil a multitude of tasks for the armed forces, offering a common vehicle base with variant modules that meet the needs of different missions across multiple theatres of operation. The GLV is also equipped with unique military body enhancements which put crew safety and comfort to the fore.

“Chris Spicer, Managing Director of Engineering and Systems Integration within Babcock’s Land business said: “This hugely reliable GLV family provides military and security forces with a complete value for money solution for light-utility vehicles, increasing the availability of these critical assets. Babcock has a deep understanding of the armed forces through years of partnering and that is applied to our engineering so we can offer militaries the best possible vehicle for operational success. We’re very proud to present the second of our GLV family in the last nine months.”

Key takeaways:

  • Shorter wheelbase enabling greater mobility across difficult terrain
  • Tightest turning circle in its class (12.6m)
  • Four individual crew seats
  • Storage capability for 4-person to stow requirements for 72 hour patrol


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