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Ussen Folding Titanium Knife Fork and Spoon Revisited

Titanium Folding Knife Fork and Spoon from Ussen [© Bob Morrison]

When Mike Gormley reviewed the Folding Titanium Knife Fork and Spoon from Ussen a couple of months back he sparked my curiosity, writes Bob Morrison.


Regular readers of Mike’s Gormley’s Gear section will be aware that he and Jean enjoy hiking / trekking and camping etc., but when I am off on assignment for JOINT-FORCES my preferred ‘tent’ usually has something like Travelodge, Premier Inn or EasyHotel (or their foreign equivalents) over the entrance and when on the road I am more likely to have a Full English courtesy of ‘spoons (or possibly tostadas con tomate con café con leche or equivalent in warmer climes) for breakfast rather than rehydrated freeze-dried muesli. However being a ‘belt and braces’ type of guy I usually carry a nesting KFS (Knife / Fork / Spoon) set in my daysack / camera bag just in case personal eating utensils might be needed on my travels; for example if given a poor quality plastic cutlery set in a ration pack or when dining in a field canteen.

Ussen Folding KFS set folded for storage [©BM]

The folding Ussen Titanium Knife Fork and Spoon reviewed by Mike back in June which caught my attention is both compact, with no single item measuring more than 105mm (4”) long by 36mm (1½”) wide, and lightweight, with a combined weight of just 57g or around 2oz and so can be squirrelled away in a pouch spare corner with minimal weight penalty. When I bumped into Lee of Skipton-based Ussen, who I have known since he introduced his excellent thermal underwear range well over a decade ago, at the Outdoor Trade Show a couple of months back I took one look as his KFS range and was so impressed with what I saw that I brought a set away with me and have been carrying them in my daysack ever since.

Ussen KFS (pouch used for storage is not included) folded alongside my Leatherman OHT for size comparison [©BM]

Manufactured from lightweight but strong pressed titanium alloy with folding wire handles, this Ussen cutlery set might appear a little strange but it is very practical. The handles lock into place once unfolded but for added security there is also a sliding thumb-lock. Overall lengths when extended are between 170mm and 180mm, roughly the same as NATO ration pack plastic cutlery, the bowl of the spoon is a reasonable size, the fork has four tines and the serrated knife blade actually cuts.

Ussen serrated knife blade cut through the sausage from a Wetherspoon’s Traditional Breakfast like a knife through butter ~ I don’t only eat ration pack meals [©BM]

Individually priced at £10 (I suggested to Lee that he should also offer them as bagged set) they will not break the bank and I reckon they should last a service lifetime if looked after. Primarily available through good garrison town kit shops plus some outdoor gear outlets which stock Ussen thermal clothing (and Feeet socks from the same company). Recommended.

Spoon bowl, seen here with a reconstituted freeze-dried chicken curry from REAL, is a decent size [©BM]

[images © Bob Morrison]


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