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MOS EnergyBall Protein Snacks

Two MOS EnergyBall packs ~ front [© Bob Morrison]

MOS EnergyBall natural and protein snacks, produced by a NutriDry company, are high energy protein snacks used by Special Forces, writes Bob Morrison.


We first became aware of MOS EnergyBall protein snacks when covering SOFINS 23, the French Special Forces expo at Camp de Souge, and when we later visited the parent company’s booth at MiliPol Paris in mid-November I was given a couple of packs to take away and try for myself.

According to company literature these products have been “designed and tested in the field with Special Forces and Intervention Units. During two years of research and development, MOS EnergyBalls have been approved in the most hostile environments in the world. In maritime, air and land environments, MOS EnergyBalls are consumed anytime and anywhere.”

Two MOS EnergyBall packs ~ rear [©BM]

In simple terms, each 34g MOS EnergyBall pack contains two roughly spherical fruit and nut cakes producing a combined 130-140kcal of which 15-19% is protein, dependent on flavour. At time of writing there eight different flavours,all containing dates plus two other main ingredients, broken into four categories: FOCUS; RECOVERY; BOOST; and ANTIOXIDANT:-

  • FOCUS: Ginger / Chocolate and Mango / Coconut
  • RECOVERY: Cocoa / Hazelnut and Banana / Almond
  • BOOST: Fig / Almond and Cashew / Turmeric
  • ANTIOXIDANT: Matcha Green Tea / Apricot and Banana / Cocoa

Described as being a 100% natural source of fibre, vitamins and minerals, these high protein snacks have a shelf life of at least 18 months. Ingredients and nutritional values are printed on the rear pack label in both French and English.

Each EnergyBall protein snack, seen next to a 5.56mm round for size comparison, weighs 17g [©BM]

I have sampled three flavours ~ Fig / Almond, Banana / Almond and Matcha Green Tea / Apricot ~ and, even though they do not look particularly appetising, I enjoyed all three. If asked to describe taste and texture I’d say they were a bit like nutty Christmas cake without the icing. Interesting.


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