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Combat Boot Index 4

LOWA and Danner boots worn by US Paras on a live-fire exercise during SWIFT RESPONSE 2021 in Estonia [©BM]
These pages were created to give viewers an index to most of our past combat boot articles and reviews – click on an image to open article in a new window.


The article links are posted in batches of 20 and in roughly chronological order, from top to bottom, with the most recent post last. Be aware that not every article in the FOOTWEAR section is indexed here. In addition to conventional military combat boots we have also included some lighter weight boots in the index, as favoured by SF / SpecOps & / or ‘blue light’ first responders.

GORE-TEX THERMIUM Footwear Insulation At MILIPOL 2021 [© BM]
New Altama Jungle Boot Breaks Cover [© BM]
HAIX Black Eagle THERMIUM Extreme Cold Weather Boot [© BM]
New Polish Army Brown Summer Boots [© BM]
FAL Seguridad PWT9001 Combat Boot [© BM]
Belleville Combat Boots In European Service [©BM]
MAGNUM OPUS Assault Tactical With BOA Lacing [© BM]
When Black Turned Brown ~ UK Combat Boot Colour [©BM]
First Look At The New LOWA Breacher Boot Range [© BM]
First Look At The New LOWA ZEPHYR MK2 MID Range [© BM]
New SAMELIN All-Seasons Military Service Boot [© BM]
Modern French Army Boots by HAIX ~ Part1 [©BM]
Modern French Army Boots by HAIX ~ Part2 – CdCZT [© BM]
New ALTBERG Tabbing Boot Model Preview [© BM]
Future Supply of UK MoD Combat Boots [© BM]
HAIX Boots In Brief ~ Spotted At MSPO 2022 [©BM]
Coming Next ~ Samelin All-Seasons Military Boot [©BM]

Watch this space for more…..

[Images © Bob Morrison unless noted]


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