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FAL Seguridad PWT9001 Combat Boot

High leg FAL Seguridad PWT9001 combat boot alongside mid-height version at FEINDEF 2021 [© Bob Morrison]

At the recent FEINDEF 2021 defence and security expo in Madrid we spotted the new PWT9001 Combat Boot models from FAL Seguridad, reports Bob Morrison.


Although FAL Seguridad, an offshoot of long-established Spanish manufacturer Calzados FAL who produce the Chiruca brand of outdoor footwear, have been manufacturing police and military boot models for over twenty years the FAL brand of combat boots is probably one that few UK readers have come across. However quite a number of of FAL boot models have been procured for the Spanish Armed Forces and the company, based in the traditional shoe town of Arnedo in the Rioja region of Northern Spain, is one of those specialist military boot makers which GORE-TEX has partnered with to use its Comfort range of laminates.

This latest PWT9001 model is an extra-lightweight fabric and leather combination 7-eyelet high leg waterproof and breathable combat boot, also available in a mid-height 6-eyelet version, with an EVA foam and rubber sole plus a perforation-resistant midsole. The boot has a closed hook lacing system, a tongue gusset to sixth eyelet height to keep out sand and water, a padded collar and upper tongue section, and knock-protected toecap and heel cup.

FAL Seguridad PWT9001 sole pattern looks more suited to arid rather than muddy terrain [© Bob Morrison]

FAL Seguridad mostly only produce military boots to government customers’ specific technical requirements, but as this latest brown boot high-leg model has been given a PWT (Power Tech) range number I suspect it might be made more widely available. At time of writing, this boot is not yet listed in the company’s online catalogue and no technical specification has been made publicly available. Sadly, we have not yet been able to try out these boots.

Some of a wide range of FAL Seguridad boots displayed at FEINDEF 2021 ~ most are to Spanish military specifications and have been supplied [© Bob Morrison]


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