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A Message From The JOINT-FORCES Editor

British Army mechanics at work during a NATO multinational exercise [© Bob Morrison]

Over the next week or so we will not be uploading quite as much fresh content as usual, hence this explanatory message from the Editor.


Many of those who have had face-to-face dealings with me since the beginning of February ~ for example at at the JACKAL 3 unveiling in Plymouth, at World Defence Show in Riyadh, or at Enforce Tac in Nuremberg ~ will be aware that I recently failed the human equivalent of an MoT test. As a result, from today I will be having what in old Land Rover terms possibly equates to an engine de-coke and re-bore plus a little bit of tin worm removal. At the moment it is not certain precisely how many days I might be out of commission this week, but rest assured that I will be back working just as soon as they prop me up with a couple of comfy pillows to rest on and a bowl of grapes to munch my way through.

Library image of a British Army surgical team in a Role 2 medical facility in the Middle East [© Bob Morrison]

Although this week there might not be as much fresh content uploaded as normal, don’t forget that we have published 6,250+ posts/pages on JOINT-FORCES.com over the last six years (it was our birthday this weekend) so if you are really bored there’s bound to be plenty of old articles to read that you might have missed first time around. For example, if interested in BOXER take a look at Carl’s GTK Boxer Multi-Role Armoured Vehicle series which started back in 2018, or if rations stimulate your taste buds see my US Meal Ready to Eat Story series, which will shortly be brought even more up to date with a 2023 pack as currently on issue in the Middle East.



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