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Camo Patterns ~ Index 6

Indonesian Police DENSUS 88 AT Pattern [© Bob Morrison]

These pages were created to give viewers an index to most of our past articles on camo patterns – click on an image to open the article in a new window.


The article links are posted in batches of about 15 and in roughly, but not exactly, chronological order as they appeared on the website with the most recent post last. Be aware that not every article in the Kit & Camo section is indexed here as some associated topics were dropped into that section because they fitted in there better than in the other sections. I will try to remember to add new articles to the index shortly after publication.

[21 April 2024 ~ updated with article links 10-14]


Romanian Special Operations Forces In UF PRO MultiCam
New French BME Camouflage Surfaces At Eurosatory
New French Army BME Pattern
Indonesian Police DENSUS 88 AT Pattern
Kosovo Security Force M2012 Digital Pattern
M2015 Jordanian Special Operations Camo
Latvian M20 WoodLatPat Camouflage Update
Camo Spotted At IDEX 2023 In Abu Dhabi
Camo Spotted At SOFINS 2023 In France
North American Digital Camo Patterns
Luxembourg Army M2011 Temperate Pattern
M19 Netherlands Fractal Pattern Update
British Army Special Operations Brigade Ranger
Hungarian 2015M Camouflage Pattern

[images © Bob Morrison unless noted]

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More camo pattern articles to follow.


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