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Camo Patterns ~ Index 3

US M-81 Woodland (left) and French Central European fabric swatches photographed in bright overcast natural light [©Bob Morrison]
These pages were created to give viewers an index to most of our past articles on camo patterns – click on an image to open the article in a new window.


The article links are posted in batches of about 15 and in roughly, but not exactly, chronological order as they appeared on the website with the most recent post last. Be aware that not every article in the Kit & Camo section is indexed here as some associated topics were dropped into that section because they fitted in there better than in the other sections. I will try to remember to add new articles to the index shortly after publication.

[images © Bob Morrison unless noted]

Lithuanian M05 Miško ~ Part 1
Lithuanian M05 Miško Pattern ~ Part 2 [image ©Carl Schulze]
Lithuanian M05 Miško Pattern ~ Part 3 – OpFor
UK OpFor ~ Blue Disruptive Pattern Material
Czech Police ~ Brno Rapid Response Unit
Czech vz95 Leaf Pattern ~ 43rd Airborne Battalion
Latvian M07 LatPat Camouflage
Latvian M16 Multi-LatPat Camouflage
Latvian M20 WoodLatPat Unveiled
Latvian US M81 Woodland Camouflage
New Russian Arctic Camouflage [image © Russian Federation MoD: Alexey Ereshko]
M06 ESTDCU ~ Estonian Digital Camouflage Uniform
Finnish M91 Kurkkusalaatti Pattern
Finnish M05 Maastokuvio Pattern
Elite Polish recce trooper wearing wz.93 Pantera camouflage [©Bob Morrison]

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More camo pattern articles to follow.



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