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MAN Support Vehicle In UK Service ~ Pt4

A MAN SV Cargo Light 6 Tonne 4×4 behind a MAN SV Recovery (Improved Medium Mobility) 8×8 during Exercise SHAMAL STORM 16 in Jordan [©BM]
In this fourth article covering the MAN Support Vehicle in UK service we look at the basic technology of SX range variants and at the cargo and load bodies, writes Carl Schulze.


The UK Forces Support Vehicle (SV) fleet consists of both MAN HX chassis range Medium Mobility (or MM) trucks and MAN SX chassis range Improved Medium Mobility (or IMM) trucks.

SV Unit Support Tanker Medium (Medium Mobility) 9 Tonne 6×6 behind an armoured cab SV Unit Support Tanker Medium (Improved Medium Mobility) 9 Tonne 6×6 – spare wheel orientation and wheelbase (note also locker between front wheel and fuel tank) are the easiest HX or SX identifiers [©BM]

MAN SX Truck Technology: The Support Vehicle Cargo Medium (or SVCM) 9 Tonne 6×6 Improved Medium Mobility (i.e. IMM), the Support Vehicle Unit Support Tanker (UST) 6×6 Improved Medium Mobility, and the Support Vehicle Recovery 8×8 variants of the SV family are members of MAN’s SX extreme-mobility truck system. SX trucks are visually nearly identical to the HX vehicles, but they differ in some core areas.

The MAN SV Cargo Medium (Improved Medium Mobility) 9 Tonne 6×6 Euro 4 MAN has a cargo body with bed giving a usable space of 5.985×2.418m – note spare wheel orientation [©CS]

The easiest way to identify MAN SX-based vehicles of the UK Forces SV family is by the spare wheel mount. In the case of the improved mobility SX trucks, the spare wheel is mounted behind the cab on the right side, parallel to the road wheels, while on the more numerous HX trucks it is mounted transversely.

The chassis frame of SX-derived trucks is of the torsion-resistant, closed-box type and features hollow longitudinal members and welded-in tubular cross members. All SX range trucks feature a 400-litre fuel tank and are powered by the MAN D2066 LF34 Euro 4 common rail, water-cooled, 6-cylinder diesel engine with direct fuel injection developing 440hp at 1,900rpm. This is connected to a ZF 6 HP 902 fully automatic transmission with fluid coupling which has six forward gears and one reverse gear.

Camouflaged LEAPP system MAN SV IMM truck complex with the Giraffe radar deployed during the VENERABLE GAUNTLET 16 Distinguished Visitors Day on Sennelager [©BM]

The permanent all-wheel-drive SX-type vehicles are fitted with a two-speed transfer case and inter-axle differential locks. The suspension of SX trucks consists of progressively acting coil springs, large-displacement shock absorbers, links and wishbones. The front axles feature a single shock absorber arrangement, while the rear axles feature double shocks with extra springs. In the case of the Support Vehicle (Recovery) 8×8 variant, the rear bogey features hydro-pneumatic suspension.

SX-based trucks are fitted with the same rims and tyres as HX-based vehicles, the only exception being the Support Vehicle (Recovery) variants, fitted with Michelin 16.00 R20 XZL tubeless radial tyres. A small number also feature wide rear wheels fitted with Michelin 24.00 R21 XZL fat tyres.

MAN SV Flat Platform Medium (Improved Medium Mobility) 9 Tonne 6×6 behind MAN SV Cargo Medium (Improved Medium Mobility) 9 Tonne 6×6 during TRACTABLE 16 – only the rear body varies [©BM]

Cargo Bodies and CALM: SV cargo trucks of both HX and SX types are fielded with cargo bodies and flat (i.e. flatbed) platforms with load beds of common design but different lengths. These are mounted to the chassis with flexible brackets that permit maximum twist without imparting undue stress onto the chassis.

The cargo body design is common across the family of MAN SVCL 4×4, as pictured, SVCM 6×6 MM and IMM, and SVCH 8×8 trucks [©BM]

All flat platforms feature a welded alloy steel under-frame with non-slip steel floor panels. Retractable ISO-screwed twist-locks for 10-foot, 14-foot and 20-foot ISO containers are installed in the floor, as well as recessed, rotatable lashing shackles with a safe working load rating of 2,000kg, and interface sockets for installing the Roll-Over Protection System Enhanced Seating Kit.

This Support Vehicle Cargo Light 6 Tonne 4×4 has been prepared for transporting personnel and is fitted with the 8-seat Roll-Over Protection System (ROPS) Enhanced Seating Kit [Andy Brend]

Attachment points for lashing straps and cleats for tying down tarpaulins are available along the sides of the flat platforms. At the front of the bodies is a fixed bulkhead that features fixed-in corner pillars for fitting drop sides. When fitted with the cargo system, the flat platforms become cargo bodies. The cargo system consists of pillars, lightweight steel-hinged drop sides, a tailboard, a lightweight tubular superstructure and a weatherproof canvas tilt. The tailboards are fitted with inbuilt steps to facilitate access to the cargo body.

A column of MAN SVCL trucks configured for carrying Light Role Infantry in Jordan, SHAMAL STORM 16 [©BM]

Some 390 flat platform and cargo body vehicles are fitted with the Crane Attachment Lorry Mounted or CALM. The CALM, a cable remote controlled hydraulic crane that includes a pair of outriggers and can slew 210°, is manufactured by HIAB and comes in three variants. The 6-tonne payload trucks are fitted with a HIAB 088 ATD hydraulic crane, that has a reach of 4.3m and lifting capacity of 3,850kg at a reach of 1.9m. The 9-tonne payload truck is fitted with a HIAB 099 ATD hydraulic crane that has a reach of 5.7m and lifting capacity of 3,600kg at a reach of 1.4m. The 15-tonne truck is fitted with a HIAB 111 ATD hydraulic crane that has a reach of 6.3m and lifting capacity of 3,600kg at a reach of 2.8m.

Support Vehicle Flat Platform Heavy 15 Tonne 8×8 MAN CALM TES 2 Full Bowman Fit pictured in Afghanistan – at a reach of 2.8m the CALM has a lifting capacity of 3,600kg [©CS]

In the concluding part of this mini-series we plan to focus on the Winterised / Waterproofed variants and on Projects BARRICADE and FORTRESS, which provided protected logistics for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

[images © Carl Schulze and Bob Morrison unless noted]

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