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Jankel Fox In Action

Jankel FOX RRV during the build-up to DSEI [© Bob Morrison]
In addition to their new Unimog-based Light Tactical Transport Vehicle Jankel Armouring also exhibited their Toyota-based FOX Rapid Reaction Vehicle at DSEI 2019.


This company video of the FOX family of vehicles, which was shown on a giant screen on the company stand at DSEI 2019 at ExCel last week, shows both the in-service Rapid Reaction Vehicle variant (including in a live firing sequence) and the 6×6 Utility version first announced at DVD 2018 at Millbrook.

French Special Forces FOX during a dynamic display at Camp de Souge, April 2019 [©Bob Morrison]
Library image of early model Jankel FOX (Al-Thalab) LRPV in Jordan [© Bob Morrison]

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