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Album ~ GTK Boxer Ambulance

As part of the initial Bundeswehr Boxer contract a total of 72 schwere geschützte Sanitäts fahrzeuge, or heavy ambulance, variants were ordered – the six photos in this album are typical of this variant.


The rear compartment of the Boxer ambulance is crammed with equipment, including ProPaq vital-function control monitors, Life-Base III mobile respiration systems, medical injection pumps and so on [© CS]

The ambulance is 8,330mm long by 3,000mm wide by 3,360mm high with a gross weight of 35,000kg – a combination of up to seven seated wounded or three wounded on stretchers can be carried [© CS]

This ambulance was seen at Camp Marmal in the vicinity of Mazar-e-Sharif in northern Afghanistan – it is fitted with a mine protection kit and Störsender CG-12 RCIED electronic counter measure system [© CS]

German Boxer variants deployed to Afghanistan were painted with Umtarnfarben non-permanent camouflage colours in standard three-colour arid pattern of stone, earth and green [© CS]

Interior of the Boxer A0 ambulance – note the intensive care stretcher mount which can be slid to the centre for easier loading and unloading of the patient as well as for providing all-round treatment [© CS]

{ images © Carl Schulze }

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