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Album ~ COM FST Panhard VPS

The Panhard VPS (Véhicule Patrouille Spéciale or Special Patrol Vehicle) is used exclusively by French Army Special Forces (COM FST).


The two vehicles pictured here were participants in a dynamic display by COM FST at the 2018 EUROSATORY defence expo. Converted by Panhard, a sub-division of Renualt Trucks which has now been absorbed into ARQUUS, this highly specialist fleet (originally of 51 vehicles) was built on the 5-cylinder 2685cc 270 GDI variant of the Mercedes-Benz Geländewagen. Similar in concept to both the Land Rover Defender WMIK used by UK Special Forces and G-wagens used by several NATO SF units, the VPS is usually armed with a 12.7mm heavy machine gun in a ring mount and a 7.62mm general purpose machine gun in front of the commander. It has been operationally deployed in both Afghanistan and Africa.

For main feature see COM FST ~ French Army Special Forces

Normal VPS crew is three but four operators can be carried – note self-recovery winch [© Bob Morrison]

12.7mm and 7.62mm machine guns are more visible from this angle – cameraman in commander’s seat is shooting live for the main event display screen [© Bob Morrison]

Vehicle has larger tyres and therefore a little more ground clearance than the standard G-wagen [© Bob Morrison]

The VPS is unarmoured but has underside blast protection – commander’s machine gun is the 7.62mm ANF1 [© Bob Morrison]

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