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ATLANTIC RESOLVE ~ US Helicopters Depart For Baltic

UH-60 Black Hawk departing La Pallice, 16 July 2020 [© Bob Morrison]
A second wave of US Helicopters from 101st Airborne Combat Aviation Brigade today departed La Rochelle’s port bound for training areas in the Baltic region, reports Bob Morrison.


The first wave of 101st ACAB helicopters, including Apaches, Black Hawks and Chinooks, departed the port of La Pallice in La Rochelle on Monday afternoon and this afternoon (Thursday) a flight of five more Black Hawks initiated the second wave. It is believed that by tomorrow the last of the 63 aircraft delivered by ARC Endurance across the Atlantic from Jacksonville last week should have left the Temporary Military Zone set up on the French quayside, bound for training areas in Poland, Lithuania and Latvia up to 3,000km distant.

ARC Endurance berthed in La Pallice on Bastille Day, 14 July 2020 [© Bob Morrison]

ARC Endurance herself departed the port on the high tide on Tuesday night, believed to be heading for Greece to drop off more helicopters, vehicles and materiel.

Note: We plan to produce a fuller feature on this deployment phase of ATLANTIC RESOLVE 6 operation once back at our HQ in the UK.

French Army MISSION VIGIPIRATE patrol on perimeter security arond the port [© Bob Morrison]

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