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UK Integrated Review Published

[image © Bob Morrison]

The long-awaited UK Integrated Review (of Security, Defence, Development and Foreign Policy) has now finally been published.


At 114 pages long the Integrated Review (titled Global Britain in a Competitive Age) takes a lot of digesting, not least because on the face of it much of document appears to contain little of real substance or have anything new to say, but after 90 minutes or so of browsing I reckon I have digested most of the parts of interest. Possibly the most relevant part to viewers of this website will be: Section 3. Strengthening Security And Defence At Home And Overseas (which runs from pages 69 to 85).

To read the full document, in PDF format, go to:-

Global Britain in a Competitive Age: the Integrated Review of Security, Defence, Development and Foreign Policy

It is expected that the follow-on Defence Command Paper, which should flesh out the detail (or possibly strip off what little meat is left on the bones) of how the Integrated Review will affect UK Armed Forces, will be published on Monday 22nd March.


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