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DSEI 2019 ~ Aircrew Survival Kits FireDragon On Display

[© BCB International]
At next week’s DSEI defence and security expo in London, BCB International plan to unveil a revolutionary new 7g FireDragon fuel capsule for survival kits.


This latest FireDragon development from BCB International is intended to provide a non-toxic fuel source which can be carried in compact and lightweight survival packs issued to Aircrew and Special Forces.

Contents of a NATO MkIV Survival Kit – it is now possible to add FireDragon fuel [© Bob Morrison]

As the new capsule is made from aluminium alloy it can double as a cooker by simply peeling the lid off and lighting the fuel. Being only a quarter of the size of a 27g FireDragon pod the new capsule will naturally not provide the same amount of heat but it has sufficient output to warm 300ml of water from 10ºC up to 55°C in less than five minutes to provide a morale-boosting warm drink of soup or coffee.

Speaking about his company’s latest UK MoD contract for FireDragon fuel tablets, BCB International Managing Director, Andrew Howell, said: “We are delighted that following rigorous MoD testing, FireDragon is yet again the British Army’s fuel of choice for heating soldiers’ operational rations and warming their drinks.

FireDragon burns cleanly, provides a quick burn time, is easy to use in all weather even when wet, is safe to handle, and uses ethanol which is an environmentally friendly fuel source. An added benefit is that the FireDragon fuel blocks can also be used as an anti-bacterial hand cleanser; meaning that you can clean your hands prior to cooking and eating. This certainly helps to reduce the number of stomach bugs you quite often get on operations.”

Above: The new 7g FireDragon fuel capsules can be supplied with two brand new BCB design survival kit sized foldable cookers to maximise the fuel’s performance – from left Flat Large Cooker, Assembled Large Cooker and Flat Small Cooker [© BCB International]

This Small Cooker for 7g FireDragon has been developed for a specific NATO nation requirement [© BCB International]
From left: 27g, 14g and new 7g FireDragon fuel pods [©BCB International]

Solid FireDragon fuel, which now comes in three sizes – 27g, 14g and 7 – will be demonstrated by BCB International at noon every day of DSEI on stand N5-201.

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