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Off-Road With The Defenture GRF VECTOR

Dutch Special Forces specification Defenture GRF / VECTOR, 1st December 2022 [© Bob Morrison]

Please accept our apologies for the lack of fresh content today but we were invited to play off-road with the Defenture GRF ‘VECTOR’, writes Bob Morrison.


We hope you understand but when Carl and myself, along with our colleague Gerard from Dutch Defence Press, were invited to not only join a small international specialist defence media party visiting the Defenture factory in the Netherlands but also to ride in GRF / VECTOR on an off-road course where its Special Forces drivers learn how to handle the vehicle’s capabilities we couldn’t really refuse. Normal ~ or as near normal as possible bearing in mind what lies in store next week ~ service should hopefully resume tomorrow (Friday).

Watch out for a full feature on our Defenture BV visit in the, hopefully, not too distant future.

An in-service Dutch Special Forces Defenture GRF / VECTOR [© Bob Morrison]
Swiss Special Forces Defenture GRF / VECTOR outside the factory [© Bob Morrison]
Like a kid in a sweet factory ~ Carl climbs behind the wheel of a VECTOR to take Gerard (getting into the passenger seat) for an off-road spin [© Bob Morrison]


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