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USSOCOM Will Not Execute SOFIC 2023

Library image of a US Army 5th SFG team ascending to a rooftop explosive breach point at KASOTC in Jordan [© Bob Morrison]

NDIA, the US National Defense Industrial Association, has announced that USSOCOM has informed they will not execute SOFIC in 2023.


NDIA Announcement, Arlington VA: USSOCOM has informed NDIA they will not execute SOFIC in 2023.

NDIA is extremely proud of our strong partnership with USSOCOM and the exceptional conferences we presented over the past 12 years, including our very successful 2022 Conference.

NDIA will continue to work with all stakeholders to promote collaboration between government and industry to deliver innovative capabilities to our warfighters.

We are extremely grateful for all your support to NDIA and SOFIC over the years.


Editor’s Footnote: NDIA manages SOFIC, the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference, for US Special Operations Command. In the past the conference and exhibition was scheduled to run annually in Tampa, Florida, and although the May 2020 event was cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the May 2021 event was conducted virtually, SOFIC 2022 was held as normal and was reported to have been a success. Regrettably JOINT-FORCES has been unable to attend past conferences in Tampa as dates clashed with the peak of the spring exercise season and a couple of key defence expos on our side of the Atlantic.


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