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Revolutionary Carmor MANTIS To Appear At EUROSATORY

Carmor Integrated Vehicle Solutions, formerly known as Hatehof and manufacturer of the Israeli Defence Forces WOLF Armoured Personnel Carrier, plans to unveil its new MANTIS Protected Vehicle at EUROSATORY in Paris next week.


Details of the new roughly 8.5 tonne GVW, 4×4 armoured vehicle are sketchy at present but it is understood that the basic configuration will seat five personnel in a protected pod between the axles with the driver positioned centrally at the front, allowing maximum visibility for off-road driving, and the engine placed at the rear. The above photo, taken ten days ago and released last night, shows the basic five-person patrol vehicle with Remote Weapon Station but it is understood that the design allows for different mission pods to be incorporated using a common power pack and drive train, with both nine-person armoured personnel and carrier and three-person cargo variants being feasible as well as an open-topped high mobility Special Operations version being planned.

For latest update see: Carmor MANTIS Family of Protective Vehicles


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