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ATLANTIC RESOLVE 7 ~ Combat Aviation Unloads In Dunkirk

1st CAB Apache helicopter disembarking ARC Endurance at Dunkirk [US Army: SSgt. Benjamin Northcutt]

On Saturday ARC Endurance disembarked 1st Combat Aviation Brigade helicopters and vehicles in the Port of Dunkirk for ATLANTIC RESOLVE 7.


The ARC Endurance US Strategic Sealift vessel, carrying the US Army 1st Infantry Division’s 1st Combat Aviation Brigade, equipment, helicopters, and vehicles, arrived at the Port of Dunkirk in France on Saturday 06 March 2021 in support of the ATLANTIC RESOLVE 7 deployment and the latest Opération MOUSQUETAIRE iteration.

This is the seventh ATLANTIC RESOLVE aviation rotation and the second rotation for 1 ID CAB. The unit is bringing approximately 1,800 personnel, 50 UH-60 and HH-60 Black Hawks, 10 CH-47 Chinooks, 20 AH-64 Apaches and 1,800 wheeled vehicles and pieces of equipment to northern Europe and the Balkans Peninsula.

According to official US sources: “This ATLANTIC RESOLVE rotation in conjunction with Operation MOUSQUETAIRE at the port of Dunkirk and the Calais Airport offers a unique opportunity for the US military and French allies. An operation of this scale is a truly historic event and offers the ability to demonstrate a shared bi-lateral ability to work side-by-side to receive US Army equipment, stage it, and move it efficiently and safely.”

Apache -as here – Black Hawk and Chinook helicopters were all delivered aboard ARC Endurance
[US Army: SSgt. Benjamin Northcutt]
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