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Snugpak Pakbox ~ Lightweight Functional Storage

The Pakbox range from Snugpak provides a low weight, low cost means of keeping your kit sorted when on the move.

I have been regularly using Pakboxes since early 2011, says Bob Morrison, ever since Mike Gormley tipped me off about their usefulness a few weeks before, and indeed I still carry my original Pakbox set of three on pretty much every assignment and trip which requires at least one change of clothing. If you look at the lead photo, the three green boxes with white lettering are originals which have travelled tens of thousands of miles with me… but you would not know it to look at them.

These sturdy but lightweight fabric boxes are great for stowing small kit neatly [© BM]

A Snugpak Pakbox is basically just flat semi-rigid fabric box tailored from heavy duty 600D polyester PVC with a zipped lid around three sides – mesh panels in this lid allow you to see the contents – and a nylon webbing grab handle on the hinged side. The outer fabric, except for the mesh lid, is waterproof so even if you lay the bag on a wet surface the contents will remain dry and if your rucksack gets a bit of a soaking in transit it will help keep the contents drier (though not if fully immersed).

Over the years I have picked up several more of these handy containers to keep my kit sorted, both clothing and accessories in my rucksack/case and small kit/equipment in my daysack/camera bag. Indeed when carting cameras and ancillaries through airport security in a crammed full daysack I find Pakboxes are pretty much a necessity as they allow me to speedily unpack and repack my gear if/when it needs to be separated for screening.

This sixth Pakbox keeps my soap bag and toiletries etc. well organised [© BM]

Inside my main rucksack, or occasionally case, I keep my clothing neat and easy to access in Pakboxes and guess what I stow my toilet kit in? With the exception of the photo of two boxes on MTP camo, the other shots were taken on my epic trip back from a Gore-Tex conference in Bonn when severe weather saw me stranded first for 24 hours in Cologne and then 48 more hours in Manchester; these five Pakboxes travelled with me in my Snugpak Roller Kitmonster.

Available in either olive green or black, ideal for military and police as well as civvy use, the Pakbox range consists of four sizes; 1-, 2-, 4- and 6-litres, with weights of between 75g for the smallest and just 185g for the largest. To find your nearest stockist Search through snugpak.com/outdoor/retailer  or snugpak.com/military/retailer.

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Review and images © Bob Morrison

Stowing camera kit and ancillaries in Pakboxes not only makes things easy to find but also allows me to quickly unpack and repack my daysack when going through airport security etc. [© BM]

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