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The Snugpak PakBox Collection

The full set of Snugpak PakBoxes ~ all are available in either black or green [© MG]

The Snugpak PakBox collection helps to keep your life a bit more organised when away or even at home, writes Mike Gormley.


Many of us need a bit of organisation in our lives, me especially, and these sturdy mesh-fronted zipped heavy duty polyester storage boxes help a great deal. Not only, as one might imagine, when on travels but also for use at home as well; there is no need for them to be stored away somewhere with your travel baggage until next on the move as they come in handy for a myriad of storage uses.

At home and when travelling I use a 1-litre PakBox to store my cables and GP charger etc. Perfect! [© MG]
Here I use a 6-litre to stow my sandals (or shoes) for a trip away ~ keeps them together and can also help keep any dirt or sand out of my bag [© MG]

I have been using some of the PakBox range from Snugpak for many years but now have a ‘full set’ which offers a very useful variety to cope with most needs when away. The PakBoxes are measured in litre capacity and are available in 1, 2, 4 and 6 sizes in both green and black. They all have zips that open round all but one side, so are easy to access, and all have a handle to make life a bit easier. Importantly, they have a see-through mesh on one side (one can assume the top side in most cases) but they can easily be stowed vertically as well as laid flat. Being able to see into the PakBox helps a great deal and saves a load of faff opening them up to see what you have in which.

Here a 2-litre and 6-litre in use to keep my admin items, such as my book and my T-shirts tidy and organised. Hoofing! [© MG]
The 4-litre is perfect for the likes of undies and socks [© MG]

The PakBoxes are very robustly manufactured and will last for years. I can definitely vouch for that as a couple of mine have racked up a great many travel miles. I have used them stuffed into my rucksack when away walking and camping as well as on weekends away or long haul expeditions.

Ready to go ~ my full set of PakBoxes ready for the off [© MG]

At home and travelling I use them to keep my cables and wires in some sort of organised fashion. The larger ones are perfect to keep you clothes in some order. Really with these the limit is your needs and imagination.

A great bit of, arguably, essential kit.

[images © Mike Gormley]


On assignments my brew and snack pack is stowed in a 2-Litre PakBox so I know where everything is when needed [© Bob Morrison]


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