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Nordic Pocket Saw

The Nordic Pocket Saw is a lightweight but incredibly robust hand tool for cutting timber without the need to carry an unwieldy fixed blade saw or an axe.


Mike Gormley reports: When I first unpacked this and noticed it was in fact a chain saw ‘blade’, my being a frequent user of chain saws, I immediately feared how much this would make my arms ache. I also questioned if it would I really be able to outperform the engine on even my smaller chain saw.

Well in reality it does need some effort but this is a very usable saw. It does indeed use chain saw links and, to enable it to cut both ways, the cutting teeth are set in alternate directions. At either end of the chain it has a purpose-made bracket to which is attached a robust nylon fabric handle. All quite basic in many ways, but well thought out and made so I can see this lasting a very long time.

The pocket saw in action – it is able to cut good sized branches and stumps [© Mike Gormley]

On top of this, as it is a chain saw it can be sharpened. There is a knack to this, and you will need the correct 4mm round file, but it is basic stuff and for anyone who has any experience with chain saws, it is as easy as. I speak from a lot of experience here as I know well how easy it is to take the edge off a chain saw even with just hard wood… but catch a stone or bit of embedded fence wire and that’s it. The file is out.

With this hand powered version, I am sure it will be a long time before it will need a touch-up with a file. This said, it will be very important to keep it in good shape to prevent a lot of hard graft. As with a powered chain saw, the chain should be oiled to keep it working well.

With its design the Nordic Pocket Saw could be used by two coordinated people to share the effort. I have used a selection of folding hand saws for this sort of work and although many work well, one broke very early on, these are quite limited in the size of wood that can be cut. This saw can take on quite significant size of timber. Let’s face it. This comes from Scandinavia and they know a thing or two about dealing with wood.

A final word on H&S. This is a cutting device and it is sharp. Even with careful handling I managed to cut myself. My fault. But I would suggest the use of decent gloves. Also if you cut anything more than fallen branches due care is required. Wood is hard, heavy and unforgiving!

This saw now lives in my Land Rover as I never know when I may come across a fallen tree. The Pocket Saw comes with a suitably robust belt pouch and all folds up very neatly.


For more information go to NordicPocketSaw.com

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