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Armadillo Merino ~ Heavy Boot Socks

Merino and socks are two words that go very well together – Merino wool is a really good start if you want to look after your feet.


Most of us wear high/long boots some of the time, says Mike Gormley. Generally, if we do the use is going to be fairly hard. It is also likely to be cold, and maybe hot too, perhaps with high loads. These heavy boot socks from Armadillo Merino are made to be used for all of these situations. Very well padded, they protect high pressure contact areas and are also very comfortable if you wear them without boots as warm comfy ‘slippers’.

These are high or long socks and reach up to just below the knee. This means they will stay up, all day. A real bonus as so many socks work down and so often have to be sorted out before they cause discomfort or, worse still, blisters.

So if you are yomping, tabbing, skiing, bimbling around in wellies or just our for a springtime walk these will work for you. And, due to the natural properties of Merino wool, they wont smell after a few days out and about.

See this linked page on ArmadilloMerino.com for their current sock range.

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