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Craghoppers Nogales Gore-Tex Trousers

On a wet and windy walk out along our local coast the qualities of the Craghoppers Nogales were fully appreciated [© Mike Gormley]

Craghoppers’ latest Nogales men’s Gore-Tex waterproof trousers keep your legs dry with less faffing, writes Mike Gormley.


To me, it makes a great deal of sense to have your walking / outdoor trousers made from waterproof and windproof materials, in this case Gore-Tex; these ‘no gales’ live up to their name.

I, like many, find it a real faff to keep donning and doffing waterproof over-trousers. I am sure you have all been there on these days when the rain comes and goes, causing the decision time of waterproofs on or not. Often by the time you see it coming, decide to go for it, then dig into the rucksack and get them out its too late. Then the shower passes by! Perhaps, like me, you don’t bother and then get wet.

On my very first time out with the Nogales they showed the benefits of their water resistance [©MG]

So, when Craghoppers sent me these Nogales trousers to try it was a good day. These two-layer trousers make so much sense. They are nice to wear walking trousers and have water-resistant zips on the three good-sized pockets; two side and one back. It would, however, be handy to also have an additional leg pocket. The waist is part-elasticated for added comfort. There is heel tape on the hem of the legs to protect the trousers against the inevitable wear from abrasion against the boots.

All three pocket zips on the Nogales trousers ~ this is the horizontal security pocket ~ are waterproof [©MG]

Overall, the material also has a bit of stretch so works with your movements as you negotiate the tougher going. Inside there is a full lining to aid moisture wicking and inner movement against the waterproof outer material. A good proportion of the material that goes into these trouser is recycled, as goes for most of Craghoppers’ gear.

Inside these Nogales Gore-Tex trousers there is a mesh layer to aid breathability and movement [©MG]

The timing to try these has been spot-on with the winter storms we have just had, so I got to use and really appreciate these trousers which have been well and truly tried out and definitely do what they say they will in keeping the wet out.

The weather was extremely inclement in South-west England last week so a good time to try out waterproof kit [©MG]

[images and soggy selfies © Mike Gormley]


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