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Jomipsa and Al Aujan Rations at BIDEC 2019

Al Aujan and Jomipsa team at BIDEC 2019 [©BM]
At the recent BIDEC 2019 international defence expo Jomipsa and Al Aujan showcased their latest developments in MRE rations for the Bahraini market, reports Bob Morrison.


One week before BIDEC 19 (the Bahrain International Defence Exhibition & Conference) commenced the Spanish military, civil defence and humanitarian assistance rations producer Jomipsa issued a Press Release announcing that they, along with local partners Al Aujan Group, would be showcasing the range of meal packs they are now supplying to the Bahrain Armed Forces. As the JOINT-FORCES.com rations taster specialist (i.e. yours truly) was one of the small group of foreign specialist defence correspondents accredited for the event, I arranged to not only meet up with the team for a briefing but also pick up a sample of the new Individual Ration Pack 24H for future review.

Compact Survival Ration Pack provides 1,250 kcal of energy [©BM]

In addition to the Bahrain Defence Force IRP 24H, Al Aujan and Jomipsa also had examples of the BDF Survival Ration Pack and the Performance Ration Pack on display, but unfortunately we were unable to bring back samples of these for review. The compact Survival Ration Pack, which is intended primarily for downed aircrew and other military personnel who may unexpectedly find themselves in a survival situation, provides 1250 kcal of energy and can be consumed cold, but requires water to reconstitute the drinks. Each pack contains: 2x Isotonic Drinks, 3x Chocolate Bars, 2x Fruit Jelly Bars, 2x Energy Fruit Bars, 2x Energy Gels, 1x Hyperprotein Drink, 3x Chewing Gum and 4x Water Purification Tablets. The Performance Ration Pack, formally announced in a Press Release in April and intended to supplement troops undertaking heavy physical training, provides 1,126kcal and contains: 1x Energy Gel, 4x Isotonic Drinks, 1x Cereal Bar, 1x Natural Nuts Cocktail, 1x Energy Bar, 2x Aminotonic and 1x Proteoplus.

We currently have a backlog of ration packs – including examples of the latest three annual US MRE batches, a US Halal Meal Individual and three current British bagged (Halal 24Hr, Enhanced 24Hr and Single Meal) rations – pending review in this section but I will endeavour get to the Bahrain Defence Force IRP 24H as fast as possible.

[lmages © Bob Morrison]

Performance Ration Pack is a supplement for those undertaking heavy physical training [©BM]
Examples of the latest Bahrain Defence Force 24-hour ration pack [©BM]
I plan to review this Individual Ration Pack 24H in the not too distant future [©BM]

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