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New JOMIPSA Performance Training Ration Pack

Spanish military rations supplier JOMIPSA has announced a new Training Ration Pack created specifically for high-performance military training.


Press Release, Alicante, 18 April 2019: JOMIPSA creates the first MRE ration focused on high-performance training for armies throughout the world. After 18 months of constant research, hard work and development perseverance, we have created a specific and technical ration pack called the Performance Training Ration Pack.

This is the first ration pack in the world designed for this type of training. Nutritionists and product specialists at the JOMIPSA team have worked on this product intensively. This modern focus created for this ration pack allows soldiers to increase performance during training through specific technical products used by athletes during their physical preparation.

The PERFORMANCE ration – Training Ration Pack is made up of products designed for consumption before, during and after high-intensity physical training, ensuring the necessary nutritional provision and satisfactory muscular recovery of soldiers. It provides specific nutrients such as L-arginine, L-carnitine, vitamins, amino acids, rapid absorption carbohydrates as well as proteins and minerals, which turn this into an ideal product for military training.

Weighing just 400 g and coming in a small package, this ration is a practical solution, which can be carried in any pocket size during training.

JOMIPSA is a Spanish company located in Alicante, which has specialised in research, development and manufacturing of combat rations and hygiene kits for more than 35 years. We can count on a high level of specialisation, unique within our sector, turning us into a military food and kit benchmark. A company focused on quality, that comes with the strictest quality certifications (FSSC ISO 22000, ISO 9001, ISO 14001) and with our own work method that ensures products that are perfectly tailored to each of our clients.

Footnote: JOINT-FORCES was briefed on the forthcoming JOMIPSA Performance Training Ration at IDEX in Abu Dhabi ahead of its formal launch. We hope to sample a production batch pack in the not too distant future.

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