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A new dawn ~ Sunrise over Tagomago [© Bob Morrison]

Following my recent medical excursion I am back in command of JOINT-FORCES HQ and looking forward to the new dawn, writes Bob Morrison.


Firstly, a big thanks to the Coronary & EN&T Departments at Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital, and to the ward staffs of Avon and Otter Wards, for the life-prolonging treatment and round-the-clock care given over the last eight days. There is certainly a lot wrong with our NHS, predominantly it would appear on the bureaucracy side, but up at the sharp end where it really matters the guys with the scalpels, monitors and bedpans are incredibly dedicated. I owe them massively.

My back-to-back heart procedure followed by cancer* surgery and neck dissection turned out to be a bit more complex than originally anticipated so I was bed-bound a few days longer than expected, but I’m back at my desktop computers for a short while today. I suspect it may take a few more days for the website to get completely back to normal running but our viewer stats over the last ten days have held up remarkably well and hopefully I will be able to upload more content in the not too distant future.

Finally, thanks for all the good wishes over the last week and apologies for not immediately responding to everybody, but I am still building up my stamina and fighting a fair bit of pain. I am also just at the start of a long road to full recovery from a condition I did not even know I had at the beginning of 2024. Looking forward to the New Dawn… thanks to the medical teams at RD&E.


*I know cancer is fashionable but I promise, just like His Majesty, I didn’t sign up for it!

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