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TORQ Explore Breakfasts ~ Supercharged Banana and Mango

The TORQ Explore Breakfast needs a good soak if, as here, cold water is used to reconstitute but it produces a good amount of sustaining food [©MG]

Put TORQ power in your belly to start your day ~ I recommend their Explore Supercharged Banana and Mango Breakfast, says Mike Gormley.


You really don’t have to be out on an expedition to enjoy these breakfasts from TORQ. They work just as well while at home and are full of all sorts of ‘good stuff’ to get you off to a great start for the day ahead. As it is now well into winter and I am not getting out camping so much, I thought I would buck my normal system of ‘doing it for real’ and try these indoors instead.

These are the three TORQ Breakfast flavours I have sampled ~ each provides 500 calories ~ any are very welcome in my pack and it is hard to pick a favourite [©MG]

The first pack I tried was the TORQ Explore Supercharged Banana and Mango breakfast. As it was my first go with these, and having had a great deal of experience over many years with dried packet foods, I tried a couple of different ways of preparation. TORQ say “instant” and you can use either cold or hot water to reconstitute your breakfast, either from or in the packet. I chose a bowl here, as this was easier at home and also better for photos. I also prepared some with cold and then some with near boiling water.

A very good way to reconstitute is to make use of an insulated Food Jar as with this you can prepare your breakfast with hot, or cold, water and take it with you so it is ready to go whenever you have time for a meal or when you wake up [©MG]

With cold water preparation is far from instant, as it really needs quite a while to soak in and take the obvious crunch out, so a bit of pre-planning is required if mixing cold. With warm / hot water things happen much quicker and the result is a very tasty, warm and fulfilling breakfast full of all sorts of goodies. Some of these fruity extras I would normally eat in my own breakfast mix at home, or if preparing to take away with me in a vacuum container, but with these freeze-dried breakfasts it is all done for you and includes many more ingredients than one would normally add at home.

Hot or at least warm water, or milk if you really want to indulge yourself, speeds up the rehydration process and makes it much more pleasant to eat, especially on a cold morning [©MG]

TORQ pride themselves on using natural ingredients, so it gives you an even warmer feeling that these breakfasts are really good fuel for your body for the day ahead. This said, these make a great snack at any time of day and at home I will sometimes have a ‘breakfast’ to finish off the day as it is just a nice-to-eat, tasty and satisfying meal. As one who enjoys a good breakfast ,and more or less at whatever day or time, I will always have something fulfilling to stoke me up and with that done I can head into the day knowing I will be fine for a handful of hours and if I don’t get a chance of eating anything in the middle of the day it really won’t matter.

In winter in addition to spare warm clothing etc. I carry long-lasting food ~ here TORQ Explore Breakfasts and Flapjacks ~ in the emergency rucksack aboard my vehicle [©MG]

As we are into winter and here, in many parts of the UK some of us have seen some reasonable snow and inevitably quite a few (not me) have been caught out on the roads and had to spend many very uncomfortable hours in their vehicles. So, be prepared. I always put a small rucksack of essential kit into my Land Rover for the winter months and this year this has had a couple of the TORQ Breakfasts because I always carry some drinking water; it also contains some (previously reviewed) TORQ Flapjacks. These, as I said at the time, are very a long lasting and a great way to sustain yourself, and others, if caught out in snow, floods or other bad weather.

Winter road conditions can easily catch you out and if unprepared might result in many very uncomfortable hours which could even become life-threatening [©JG]
As I drive a Land Rover I quite often find myself undertaking the odd recovery if the weather turns ~ had I not been around, and prepared, this situation could have evolved into something a lot less ‘fun’ [©JG]

Stay safe out there!

[images © Jean or Mike Gormley]


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