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Dewerstone Clothing ~ Designed On Dartmoor

The renowned climbing face of the Dewerstone on Dartmoor as a backdrop for my Dewerstone Search and Rescue T-shirt [©JG]

Dewerstone is a Dartmoor conceived and produced outdoor lifestyle clothing brand which has shops in both Devon and Indonesia, writes Mike Gormley.


Something a little on the light side today, New Year’s Day, as the team is taking a short break after what has been a pretty hectic year for us and as the Editor is grabbing the chance to do some necessary website admin.

At the 2022 Outdoor Trade Show I did a double take when I saw the Dewerstone stand. The name rang a loud bell because I live near Dartmoor and spend a fair bit of time there, both hiking and helping teams train for The Ten Tors, so I had to investigate. It transpired that this small but very active company operates from what used to be a well-known café, opposite the National Park Visitors Centre in the middle of Princetown in the very heart of Dartmoor; a place where I had many a brew in the past. The Dewerstone Rocks, for those unaware, form a precipitous headland high above the River Plym about nine miles south of the Princetown HQ, and features in Dartmoor folklore about the Devil and his pack of fierce black dogs.

Following our chat at the show I waited until I had the chance to drop in to see the team face to face at their headquarters, where I found them busy designing and printing their range of garments. I walked away with a suitable sample from their range of T-shirts which, rather appropriately, depicts a Land Rover and Mountain Rescue helicopter to highlight their enthusiasm for supporting the Dartmoor Rescue Group. Now the proud owner of one of the team’s organic cotton T-shirts, I just had to make a visit to the iconic Dewerstone to get the appropriate photograph.

The SAR image featuring a Sea King and a Land Rover Defender is of Dewerstone design and is printed in their own workshop in Princetown [©JG]

The Dewerstone T-shirt is super comfy to wear as a base, or on top, which also enables me to make a small statement of support for the local Search and Rescue group as well as the much wider reaching SAR helicopter teams, of which pal of mine is one of the winch paramedics. A good few years ago I had cause to ‘make the call’ using a SPOT GPS Tracker during a trans-Dartmoor walk when we came across a small group in trouble in a very inaccessible place on the moor where radio and mobile phone communications were near non-existent. It was a foul day but within an hour the SAR Sea King came groping through the murk to pick up the casualties. I have to say I have a huge respect for these folk on the rescue teams. I know some of them and so realise what they put in to get us out of a drama should we need them to.

Back to the Dewerstone brand. They produce and market a good range of clothing and other products all with an environmentally sustainable backgrounds and the company has been Certified Climate Neutral since 2019. Dewerstone are well worth a visit if you are in Princetown, and they also have shops in Totnes and on the Indonesian island of Gili Trawangan.

[images © Jean Gormley]


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