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TORQ Performance Nutrition Range

A sample of a few of the TORQ products Jean and I have been able to try out so far [©MG]

Normally I am a sceptic about ‘power bars’ and so on, but TORQ Performance Nutrition products seem to me to be a little different, writes Mike Gormley.


I met up with the TORQ Team at this year’s Outdoor Trade Show (OTS 2022) and was impressed by the commitment shown to get a good product to market, which ticks all the boxes we look for these days.

To quote off their web presence: “We don’t use chemical sweeteners, colours, or artificial flavours, yet we work meticulously to deliver the finest natural flavour profiles available in any food product let alone the niche sector that TORQ is represented in. From product function, through to usability, flavour and packaging quality and design, we accept absolutely no compromise and always strive for perfection.” I don’t normally copy & paste block text from the supplier, but in this case it says what I want it to.

When out paddling in my kayak in warmer weather I found the TORQ Flapjacks and Hydration Drinks were perfect to give my system a boost [©MG]

TORQ (torque) to me, with a slight change of spelling, basically means the power required to provide rotational force. So, I guess it can be applied here with a bit of imagination. In my mind, this range of products is set to help us perform up to and beyond what we hope or expect to. Now this is a hard one to quantify, so I am reluctant to offer any defined opinions of whether I can walk up a hill faster or paddle / pedal better after consuming any of these products. However related, but to one side perhaps, I can say I was having one of those lacklustre days while working around home, on physical tasks in the garden actually, when I knew I was below par on the energy side. A good time to try TORQ, I thought.

When cycling on a hot day on the Camel Trail I found a TORQ Hydration Drink to be very welcome [©JG]

So I took a TORQ Gel and enjoyed a TORQ Flapjack and, for whatever reasons, I genuinely felt better and in a fairly short time and was able to crack on as expected (…presumably Jean cracking the whip again was not the actual reason? Ed.). So yes, I think it works.

Jean getting into a welcome snack with a Carrot Cake, her favourite, TORQ Flapjack during a coast walk [©MG]

I walked away from OTS 2022 with a bag of items to try. This after having a tasting session on the TORQ stand where I was immediately taken by the flavours. They do taste like they say they are meant to. And they have a great, and perhaps unusual, range. In the discussions we had I was told they go to significant lengths to get this right and using naturally based ingredients as well. Probably not so easy as you can’t just put in a bit more ‘essence of X’ to boost a flavour. I was given Flapjack, Gels and Drink Additives to try out over a period of time and when undertaking various activities so here are my findings…..

TORQ Explore Flapjacks: who does not love a decent flapjack? I do and that’s for sure. Now these definitely top the trio of things to try here. In my view, they are really nice. They taste nice and are packed with a variety of ingredients which feel like you are having a meal and although quite small they are surprisingly satisfying ~ unlike so many similar types of product I have tried. They have just the right level of moistness and biting into one you feel you are getting something good. On inspection you can see it is pack full of ‘goodies’. Do they work ? In my mind yes, they do, even if it is a bit psychological, but I am sure the contents can only help a hard-working body do its thing. So even if you are unable to measure a marked improvement in performance these are just a very pleasant snack. I must add these are organic and vegan-friendly. Just great to pop into your pocket or pack. Six flavours are available at time of writing.

TORQ Hydration Drinks: These come in a small sachet of powder. The flavours are very definitely ‘there’ but not overpowering and definitely not that sticky sweetness that you can get from some such products. I like these. I find them a great way to give a pleasant and very drinkable taste to your water intake. They are, I am told, produced to optimise fluid and electrolyte intake into your body. If you have not experienced it, and I have, it is not good when in particularly hot climates your body is just not able to absorb water at a high enough rate. Water then slops about in your stomach which is uncomfortable and not helpful. I had a particular experience of this when taking part in hot weather vehicle trials in the Middle East when day temps were around 50 C. I really could have done with these then, and that’s for sure. Four flavours are available at time of writing.

Jean having a system boost with a Banoffee flavour TORQ Energy Gel during a long walk on the coast ~ I struggled to keep up with her after that! [©MG]

TORQ Energy Gels: These take the form of small and convenient sachets containing an easy-to-consume smooth gel. Handy to keep in a pocket or pack for easy access. Again, they taste like they say they should and there is a good variety. Some sound a bit unlikely – but yes they really do! I have tried a few and they do not disappoint. Not quite sure if I really feel like I have just eaten Apple Crumble or Rhubarb and Custard, but it certainly tastes like I did. Twelve flavours are available at time of writing.

Time for a refreshing drink when out on Dartmoor ~ I like the simple flavour of the TORQ hydration drinks [©MG]

The TORQfitness website is a very informative place to go not only to learn about the significant product range, which is much wider than I have had the chance to discuss here, but also there is a significant amount of detailed information and easy to understand videos based on the science that this British company has established. Worth a look and it has a lot of info… way more than I have knowledge, experience and space for here. TORQ innovation does not stop at the products it continues into the packaging, which it designed to reduce the possibility of littering whilst on the move and can be taken back to be recycled.

Well worth a try in my view.

Sachets of TORQ Energy Drink powder are light and compact enough to carry several on your trips to allow you to give your drinking water a boost as and when when needed [©MG]

[images © Jean or Mike Gormley]


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