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Spotted At SOFEX ~ JLVM Al-Wahsh

Al-Wahsh Protected Patrol Vehicle used by the Jordanian Royal Guard [© Bob Morrison]

First unveiled in prototype form at SOXEX 2016, several production examples of Jordan’s Al-Wahsh 4×4 Protected Patrol Vehicle were on display at the SOFEX 2018 defence expo in Amman this May.

A product of KADDB, the King Abdullah II Design & Development Bureau, the Al-Wahsh is manufactured by affiliate company JLVM (Jordan Light Vehicle Manufacturing) in a purpose-designed factory complex roughly 50km from Amman.

With single 7.62mm Snakehead cupola [© BM]

According to JLVM, the company is “specialised in developing special purpose vehicles built on commercially available chassis” and their main production lines “range from soft skin and special purpose vehicles to fully armoured and Special Internal Security Vehicles, in addition to 4×4 utility vehicles, Long Range Patrol Vehicles, Armoured Personnel Carriers and Ambulances to mobile medical solutions”.


Second Al-Wahsh outside the expo hall [© BM]

Built on a TATRA heavy duty 4×4 cross-country truck chassis, Al-Wahsh (literal translation, The Monster) is crewed by two and can transport up to eight troops or gendarmerie in the rear under STANAG 4569 KE Level 2 protection.


Weighing around 18 tonnes, the vehicle is capable of 110km/hr (c.69mph) on-road and its advanced independent suspension system and 380mm ground clearance give it very capable off-road performance. Its diesel engine is said to produce 370hp and automatic six-speed transmission is fitted.


Note gun ports under the armoured vision blocks [© BM]

Basic dimension supplied by KADDB, the design authority, are 5800mm long x 2500mm wide x 2530mm high to top of hull. Either a KADDB Snakehead cupola, mounting one or two 7.62mm machine guns, or a Remote Weapon Station mounting a machine gun or cannon up to 30mm calibre, can be fitted behind the cab.


An artillery variant of Al-Wahsh, mounting a 105mm howitzer, has also been displayed at SOFEX (the Special Operations Forces Expo) in both 2016 and 2018.

{ images © Bob Morrison }

Self-propelled artillery variant of Al-Wahsh at SOFEX 2018 [© BM]

First view of 105mm artillery variant of Al-Wahsh at SOFEX 2016 [© BM]

Snakehead cupolas are manufactured by another part of KADDB Investment Group [© BM]

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