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EyePro – Ballistic Eye Protection

Italy-based US 173rd ABCT 'Sky Soldiers' wearing Eyepro during a Field Training Exercise near Hohenfels in Germany [© Bob Morrison]

EyePro, Eye Protetion. It’s frightening how one tiny little fragment of metal, or even a flying chip of masonry, can affect a life forever.

From personal experience I know it is only when you lose some of your eyesight, even if only temporarily, that you realise just how much you take this one of your senses for granted, but by the time this realisation kicks in it may well be too late. At JOINT-FORCES.com we take EyePro seriously, so naturally this aspect of a soldier’s kit will be high on our list of priorities for coverage – hence the reason it has its own section on our website.

UAE soldier wearing REVISION ballistic goggles and helmet [© Bob Morrison]


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