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FIRES SHOCK 21 ~ US and British Army Live-Fire

US Army Gunners self-load their MLRS prior to a live-fire mission, Estonia, 05 May 2021 [© Bob Morrison]

US Army Europe and Africa is conducting a series of field artillery exercises called FIRES SHOCK in Europe and Africa from 05 May 5 to 19 June, reports Bob Morrison.


Tallinn, Estonia, 05 May 2021: Earlier this evening J-F joined American and British gunners on Estonia’s Central Training Area as they mounted the first life firing exercise of the FIRES SHOCK series. The US ‘Rail Gunners’ fired MLRS and the eFP Battle Group artillery component, formed around 3 RHA, fired both 105mm Light Gun and MLRS. Once I have caught up on some sleep following a rather busy day, which also saw me doing a recce of the SWIFT RESPONSE drop zone (bad weather has postponed tomorrow’s airborne insertion) on the site of a former Cold War era airfield, I will download and sort today’s photos to publish a few more when the excercise pace slackens.

Royal Horse Artillery Gunners conduct a live-fire mission with a 105mm Light Gun, Estonia, 05 May 2021
[© Bob Morrison]
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