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QUICK RESPONSE 2018 ~ Day Two Video

Day Two of Ex. QUICK RESPONSE 2018 saw the exercise scenarios move to Mrkonjic Grad and Tuzla and concentrated on troop movements and cooperation with the Armed Forces of BiH and Law Enforcement agencies.


EUFOR News Release: At Kula near Mrkonjic Grad Hungarian troops from the Kosovo Tactical Reserve Battalion [KTRBN] were diverted from a convoy in the area of Travnik to assist with the protection of an ammunition storage site. This involved moving the convoy towards Mrkonjic Grad and liaising with both the Armed Forces of BiH based there and with the Republika Srpska Police.


EUFOR Chief of Staff, Brigadier General Gabor Horvath was there to watch the arrival of the Hungarian troops and their interaction with the AF BiH and RS Police: “I am impressed with the professionalism and cooperation between the EUFOR soldiers and the AF BiH and RS Police. It is for this exact reason that we exercise and ensure that this collaboration works well, which it has today”.


Near Tuzla the Austrian company arrived in convoy at the Forward Operating Base (FOB) Dubrave and liaised with the AF BiH before occupying the base. They will be based there for the night and will await further orders overnight.

Source: EUFOR/Lt Cdr Paul Clark


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