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SWIFT RESPONSE 21 ~ Red Devils Live-Fire

A British Army captain (left) calls in a live artillery barrage before 1-508PIR advance to clear and secure the objective [©Bob Morrison]

Today, Tuesday 11th, we had the unexpected pleasure of an invitation to join the Red Devils of 1-508th PIR on a live-fire attack in Estonia, reports Bob Morrison.


The accompanying photos of the latest phase of SWIFT RESPONSE 21 are merely a teaser to whet your appetite and, if all goes to plan, I will produce a researched feature on the 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment, ‘Fury From The Sky‘, and their weapons once I am back in the UK; i.e.when the current round of spring exercises at the eastern end of the Baltic Region concludes and I have more resources than just a netbook and hotel internet.

US 60mm mortar team in action as a platoon advances on the Central Training Area near Tapa
[©Bob Morrison]

My thanks to Major DJ and her PAO team for both obtaining clearance at very short notice and getting me out to the start line just before suppressive artillery fire commenced and the Paras commenced their battle runs.

Laying down covering fire with a 7.62mm M240 machine gun[©Bob Morrison]
‘Goose’ in action ~ this weapon is what Brits know as the 84mm ‘Charlie George’ – i.e Carl Gustaf
[©Bob Morrison]
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