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FN Herstal at FIDAE 2024 in Chile

Library image of FN Smart ProtectoR-303T displayed at a defence and security expo [© Bob Morrison]

Belgium-based FN Herstal has been an exhibitor at FIDAE for many years and will be back in Santiago de Chile for the 2024 edition.


Press Release, Herstal, 04 April 2024: Belgium-based FN Herstal has been an exhibitor at FIDAE, Latin America’s premier Aerospace, Defence and Security trade show for many years, and we will be back from 9 to 14 April in Santiago de Chile for the 2024 edition.

FN HiPer MRD 9x19mm Pistol [© FN Herstal]

Latin America has been an important region for FN Herstal for a hundred years, beginning with sales of FN Mauser rifles to many countries in the 1920s and 30s, followed by other famous successes such as the FN FAL light automatic rifle, the FN MAG general purpose machine gun and the FN GP (High Power) pistol. Today a wide range of our products are in service with customers all over this great continent.

Visitors to our booth will be able to see a full range of small arms, from pistols to heavy machine guns, some are already world references, others are recently launched innovative new designs, such as the FN HiPer 9mm pistol and the FN EVOLYS ultralight machine gun, available in NATO calibres 5.56 and 7.62.

FN EVOLYS 7.62x51mm Ultralight Machine Gun with Day & Night Sights [© FN Herstal]

FN Herstal’s Integrated Weapon Systems for air, land and sea applications are well known to both end users and OEMs. Using the most widely adopted NATO calibre machine guns – made by FN Herstal -, these solutions give reliable performance and certified carrier safety. FN Herstal is also a designer and manufacturer of small arms ammunition, several NATO standard calibres are from FN. In the field of less lethal solutions the FN 303 launcher and its specially designed projectiles have proven to be an effective and safe solution for both security and military forces. The new FN Smart ProtectoR-303T uses integrated advanced technologies to drastically reduce the risk of inflicting severe head injuries.

FN Smart ProtectoR-303T Less Lethal with optional red dot sight [© FN Herstal]

FN e-novation is a range of products and integrated devices that apply modern technologies to enhance the performance of the small arm and the user as a system. The FN e-novation range provides simple but effective aiming and training solutions, and simplifies and improves the management of weapon fleets. FN Herstal backs all its products with a full range of 360° support services available to customers throughout the life of the equipment.

We will be present with a wide range of products, and specialists to answer questions and propose solutions to requirements from customers or OEMs.


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