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Otokar is Participating in FIDAE 2024 in Chile

Library image of an Otokar ARMA 8x8 at HEMUS 2022 in Bulgaria [© Bob Morrison]

Otokar, Turkey’s global land systems manufacturer is participating in FIDAE 2024, the leading South American airshow in Santiago in Chile.


Press Release, Istanbul, 09 April 2024: Otokar, Turkey’s global land systems manufacturer participates in FIDAE 2024, the leading South American Airshow, between April 09-14, in Santiago, Chile.

During the six-day exhibition, Otokar will display a scale model of ARMA 8×8, the wheeled armoured vehicle with proven track records in diverse geographical conditions and climates around the world. Currently more than 500 ARMA vehicles serve in the inventories of nine users in five countries.

Visitors of Otokar stand will have chance to have detailed information about Otokar’s own design and production of armoured military vehicles family along with its turret systems and also, they will be informed its distinctive capabilities in land systems such as expertise in technology transfer and local manufacturing.

Library image of Otokar armoured vehicles, including ARMA 8×8, at WDS 2024 in Riyadh [© Bob Morrison]

A Global Player In Defence Industry: Otokar designs and manufactures a wide range of defence industry products including 4×4, 6×6, 8×8 tactical wheeled armoured vehicles, tracked armoured vehicles, unmanned tracked armoured vehicles as well as turret systems, using its own technology, design and applications. Otokar products are recognized for their survivability, superior mobility and modularity.

As a listed NATO and United Nations supplier, more than 33 thousand Otokar military vehicles are serving in more than 40 countries on five continents. Otokar’s combat proven wheeled vehicles serve in challenging terrain and extreme weather conditions, and demonstrated their performance in various operations. Otokar reflects the experience it gained in different climates and geographies around the world to its vehicle development and testing activities.

Otokar stands out with its ability to respond quickly to ever-changing requirements and needs of end users thanks to its design, test, and manufacturing capabilities. Otokar analyses different needs and expectations of its users, simulate these requirements in house and develop solutions that meet the requirements in the fastest manner thanks to its excellence in R&D, engineering and testing. In the last year, the R&D spending corresponded to 4% of the Otokar’s revenue.

Otokar In FIDAE: Being the region’s one of the leading exhibitions, FIDAE is particularly important for Otokar to meet its current users and develop partnerships with potential users to increase its presence in the South America. It is also an important event for establishing industrial cooperation opportunities in order to create local added value operations in the entire region where Otokar has a well-established and proven track record.

Library image of an Otokar ARMA 8×8 at WDS 2024 in Riyadh [© Bob Morrison]

ARMA 8×8 Wheeled Armoured Vehicle: ARMA 8×8 is a combat-proven modular platform with amphibious capabilities for various missions. ARMA meets survivability, protection level, and mobility requirements of modern armies. In addition to its high mission payload capacity and spacious interiors, ARMA 8×8 also draws attention with its low silhouette.

The armoured monocoque body with high ballistic and mine protection allows the integration of variety of mission equipment and weapon systems in different specifications up to 120 mm. ARMA is a platform suitable for Infantry Fighting, Command and Control, Air Defence, Engineering, Ambulance, Recovery, Support, and similar missions.


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