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Otokar Growth Opportunities in South America

Otokar TULPAR [© Bob Morrison]

Otokar aims to grow with technology transfer and local manufacturing opportunities in South America as well as participating in LAAD 2024.


Press Release, Istanbul, 02 April 2024: Turkey’s global land systems manufacturer Otokar participates in LAAD 2024, the leading South American security and defence exhibition, between April 02-04, in São Paolo, Brazil. During the three-day exhibition, Otokar will display scaled models of its tracked armoured vehicle TULPAR and COBRA II tactical wheeled armoured vehicle from its broad range of armoured platforms. Visitors of Otokar stand will have chance to have detailed information about Otokar’s own design and production of armoured military vehicles family along with its turret systems and also, they will be informed about its distinctive capabilities in land systems such as expertise in technology transfer and local manufacturing.

A Global Player In Defence Industry: Otokar designs and manufactures a wide range of defence industry products including 4×4, 6×6, 8×8 tactical wheeled armoured vehicles, tracked armoured vehicles, unmanned tracked armoured vehicles as well as turret systems, using its own technology, design and applications. Otokar products are recognised for their survivability, superior mobility and modularity.

As a listed NATO and United Nations supplier, more than 33 thousand Otokar military vehicles are serving in more than 40 countries on five continents. Otokar’s combat proven wheeled vehicles serve in challenging terrain and extreme weather conditions, and demonstrated their performance in various operations. Otokar reflects the experience it gained in different climates and geographies around the world to its vehicle development and testing activities.

Otokar stands out with its ability to respond quickly to ever-changing requirements and needs of end users thanks to its design, test, and manufacturing capabilities. Otokar analyses different needs and expectations of its users, simulate these requirements in house and develop solutions that meet the requirements in the fastest manner thanks to its excellence in R&D, engineering and testing. In the last year, the R&D spending corresponded to 4% of the Otokar’s revenue.

Otokar Military Vehicles [© Otokar]

Otokar Once Again Participates In LAAD: LAAD is of great importance as South America is one of Otokar’s important key markets. During the exhibition, Otokar aims to meet its current and potential users and develop further relationships. It is also an important event for establishing industrial cooperation opportunities in order to create local added value operations in the entire region where Otokar has a well-established and proven track record.

TULPAR Modular Armoured Tracked Vehicle:TULPAR stands out with mobility, high firepower, and survivability features. TULPAR is designed as a multi-purpose tracked vehicle with variants ranging from 28,000kg to 45,000kg to fully satisfy the modern armies’ existing and future requirements.

TULPAR comes in several variants including but not limited to Light/medium tank, Infantry Fighting Vehicle, Recovery Vehicle, Mortar Vehicle, Air Defence Weapon Carrier, Fire Support, Medical Evacuation having common subsystems. Tested in the toughest climates and on rough terrain conditions, TULPAR boosts high ballistic and mine protection with modular armour.

In addition to its high fire and destruction power, with its high mobility TULPAR, can serve in all kinds of combat environments from urban, built-up areas and light bridges to woodlands and all terrains, especially soft surfaces where main battle tanks are unable to operate due to their heavy weights.

Otokar COBRA II [© Bob Morrison]

COBRA II Tactical Wheeled Armoured Vehicle: Globally known COBRA II offers high level of protection, payload capacity, and large internal volume. In addition to its superior mobility, COBRA II offers high protection against ballistic, mine, and IED threats. With high power to weight ratio COBRA II delivering high performance. The vehicle is operated by many armies in different parts of the world, on toughest terrain and climate conditions.

Being suitable for the integration of wide range of weapon and mission equipment options, COBRA II is successfully in service for border protection as well as internal security and peacekeeping missions in different users. The modular structure of COBRA II also makes the vehicle a flexible platform to be used as a personnel carrier, anti-tank weapons platform, Reconnaissance & Surveillance, CBRN reconnaissance vehicle, command control vehicle, recovery and medical evacuation.


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