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Dutch 11 Airmobile Brigade eFP Duty In Romania

Dutch eFP1 contingent prior to their departure to join the French-led NATO battlegroup in Romania [© Dutch MoD]

Approximately 100 Dutch military personnel from the 11 Airmobile Brigade (11 Luchtmobiele Brigade ) have started eFP duty in Romania.


News Release, The Hague, 10 August 2022: Roughly 100 military personnel from 11 Airmobile Brigade have started work in Romania.

Three rotations will be part of NATO’s forward presence there for a year. The ‘red berets’ will be stationed at a military base in Cincu, which is in the middle of the country. The airmobile forces will be part of a battle group of approximately 900 troops led by France.

Library image of Dutch 11 Luchtmobiele Brigade troops extracting after a NEO during Exercise SCHNELLER ADLER 22 [© Carl Schulze]


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