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A Happy and Peaceful Christmas To The Troops

Soldiers from 2 SCOTS carrying Christmas mail sacks from an RAF Puma helicopter in Afghanistan while deployed on Op TORAL, December 2020 [Crown Copyright: Capt Chris Evans]
The JOINT-FORCES Team wish a Happy and Peaceful Christmas to all troops defending freedom on behalf of those enjoying the festive season.


All around the world today soldiers are spending the festive season far away from family and friends, manning their posts to ensure others are safe and secure. According to a recent UK MoD statement, some 6,400 British personnel alone are listed as being operationally deployed across 46 countries over the 2020 festive season and into 2021. They are, of course, not the only ones as countless soldiers, sailors and airmen from many countries will be on frontline duties while the rest of the world relaxes. To give just one example, yesterday Russian mine-clearance teams were working in very bleak conditions while the ceasefire holds in strife-torn Nagorno-Karabakh in the South Caucasus region. Please spare a thought or two for all troops on duty far from home, and for their families, over the next week of festivities… then when the time comes, join us in wishing them all a Safe & Happy New Year.

Specialists of the International Mine Action Centre of the Russian Federation MoD continue work on demining the northern outskirts of Stepanakert in conditions of intense snowfall, 24 December 2020
[image © Russian MoD]

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