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Routine Maintenance ~ Don’t Panic Mr Mainwaring!

Routine Maintenance [©Bob Morrison]
This weekend we will be undertaking some necessary routine maintenance on the website ~ hopefully covertly and unobtrusively.


10:00 ~ The current exceptionally high volume of visitor traffic (2.95 million page views in September) is requiring a few behind the scenes server tweaks to ensure everything continues to run smoothly for our viewers. Some of this work has already been quietly achieved and we are trying to ensure the remainder takes place seamlessly and unseen, but please forgive us if you experience any brief outage. Apologies for any unintentional inconvenience.

Updated 11:30 ~ ‘Mr Gray’, our behind-the-scenes IT genius, has successfully undertaken the next phase of maintenance but less fresh content than usual will probably be uploaded over the next day or two to allow the system to settle down.

The Joint-Forces Team

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