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NATO Rapidly Deployable Mobile C-RAM Capability

NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoană [© NATO Multimedia]
Four NATO Allies launch multinational initiative on Rapidly Deployable Mobile C-RAM (Counter-Rockets, Artillery And Mortar) Capability.


NATO News Release, 23 October 2020: The Defence Ministers of Germany, Greece, Hungary and the United Kingdom launched a new NATO multinational High Visibility Project (HVP) to address growing challenges in the area of Rapidly Deployable Mobile Counter Rockets, Artillery, and Mortar (C-RAM).

Experts from the four Allied nations will investigate options for the multinational development and procurement of capabilities in this area, with a particular focus on innovative solutions such as directed energy based capabilities. The signature of the Letter of Intent launching this initiative was added virtually from the capitals of participating nations on 23 October 2020, in the margins of the meeting of NATO Ministers of Defence.

Defence Ministers of Germany, Greece, Hungary and the United Kingdom plus NATO Deputy Secretary General [© NATO Multimedia]

C-RAM capabilities are key for NATO’s readiness. Development and procurement of effective solutions to defend Allied forces from rockets, artillery and mortar threats will contribute to effectively protecting personnel, facilities, and equipment.

“This C-RAM initiative will significantly increase capacities to conduct high-intensity operations, while enhancing the protection of personnel, facilities and equipment from rocket and mortar artillery attacks, and conventional air threats,” said the Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoană.

This multinational initiative will provide for a lower cost and more resilient solution, while increasing interoperability among participating Allies.

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