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Iveco Anaconda Carib Deployed In Dutch Caribbean

The first Korps Marinier DMV Anaconda Carib during testing at Leusderheide before being delivered to the Caribbean [Netherlands MVD: Jarno Kraayvanger]
On 29th July the Ministerie van Defensie announced three Anaconda Carib off-road vehicles were supporting local authorities in the Dutch Caribbean.


At the request of police on the Caribbean island of Sint Maarten, three of the new Royal Netherlands Marine Corps (RNLMC) vehicles with drivers and co-drivers were deployed to assist ahead of the anticipated landfall of Tropical Storm Isaias. It was stated by the Dutch Ministerie van Defensie that the 4×4 vehicles were intended for use on roads where police cars could no longer pass due to anticipated flooding or extreme rainfall damage.

Iveco Anaconda [image via DMV]

Produced by DMV (Dutch Military Vehicles) which is part of the Iveco Schouten main dealership in the Netherlands, the Anaconda Carib is a militarised conversion of the Iveco MUV derivative of the Iveco Daily and is used by the Korps Mariniers in the Dutch Caribbean (formerly the Dutch Antilles). In total 46 vehicles were ordered, of which 40 are believed to be deployed to the Caribbean islands of Aruba, Curaçao and St. Maarten with six retained in the Netherlands for training purposes.

Iveco Anaconda [image via DMV]

According to DMV, the Anaconda Carib 4×4 is 5270x2260x 2270mm high with a kerb weight of 3900kg and a payload of 2200kg giving a GVW of 6100kg. It is powered by a 180hp 3-litre diesel engine (F1C 3.000 model) and has an 8-speed automatic gearbox plus locking differentials front and rear. Ground clearance is given as 500mm and wading depth is 700mm unprepared or 1500mm prepared.

Iveco Anaconda [image via DMV]

In addition to seating four, there is a temporary fifth seat for the gunner. Main armament up to 12.7mm calibre can be fitted to the pulpit ring and a 7.62mm machine gun can be mounted at the commander’s position. It is presumed the DMV Anaconda Carib has replaced the armed version of the Land Rover Defender 110 Wolf used by Dutch Marines since 2000.

It is believed the Anaconda Carib is based on the four-door Crew Cab chassis of the Iveco MUV (Military Utility Vehicle) seen here at EDEX 18 in Cairo [©Bob Morrison]
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