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Top 5 Russian NATO COVID-19 Myths

A C-17 Globemaster cargo plane at Bucharest airport with 45 tons of supplies to combat the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic [©NATO: Laurentiu Turoi]
NATO claims Russian sources, since the global outbreak of COVID-19, have made false accusations about the Alliance role in the fight against the pandemic.


At yesterday’s NATO Defence Ministers’ video conference they discussed the importance of countering increasing levels of disinformation and propaganda by state and non-state actors. Today NATO has started to attempt to set out the facts.

“In our common fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, facts and information from trusted sources are more important than ever. Since the beginning of the crisis, Russian sources have made false accusations about NATO’s role in the fight against the pandemic. Here [ factsheet pdf ] we set the record straight.”

In this NATO Multimedia video clip, released this afternoon, learn more about Russia’s top five myths about NATO and COVID-19: Footage includes medical supplies being airlifted by NATO to Romania and the Czech Republic, as well as troops from eFP Battlegroup Poland disinfecting themselves and their equipment.

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